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We build world-class speech enhancement software for mission critical communications.

Creating a Revolution in Comprehension

Human speech is not new but our dependence on how technology handles it is. When communicating with technology, just one disruptive background noise can have detrimental effects on productivity.

BabbleLabs creates technology that removes noise from speech and advances understanding. With our software, people can have conversations from anywhere, on any device. They can produce videos with crystal clear audio. And they can use our command recognition applications in the most boisterous environments with highly accurate results.

With breakthrough speech enhancement technology designed to adapt to people, we’re transforming comprehension in human-to-human and human-to-machine communications.

BabbleLabs is transforming the connections between people and machines

Led by a team of leading experts in Deep Neural Networks (DNN), speech, embedded systems, mass customization, and technology licensing for hyper-volume systems, BabbleLabs drives innovation through the powerful combination of speech science, deep learning, and computational processing.

In your hands, our technology will accelerate progress toward a personalized, voice-activated world, transforming the future of mission-critical communication systems, human-machine interactions, and the related analysis of conversation, sentiment, perception, and usage.

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Our extraordinary team of neural network researchers, speech processing architects, signal processing gurus, and audio software experts leverages our world-class R&D capabilities to establish technological foundations and break new entrepreneurial ground. Meet the people who lead the team.

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We'd love to speak...or have you speak about us! To reach our media contact, or to access BabbleLabs media information and logos, visit our Media Resources page.

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BabbleLabs has deep expertise and a singular focus on revolutionizing speech applications in order to advance technology and society. Learn from a team with a rich history of success in building companies and delivering products to the world's most demanding customers.



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BabbleLabs is funded by Dell Technologies Capital, Intel Capital, AME Cloud Ventures, Cognite Ventures, OTB Ventures and Samsung Catalyst, as well as a number of prominent individual investors.

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