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FAQ - Clear Edge™ for Client


Security and Privacy

I am concerned about the privacy of my audio data. How does Clear Edge for Client enhance my audio?

Clear Edge for Client is designed and optimized to remove noise from audio in real-time with any conferencing or communication application. All the processing is done on your local machine, and no audio is sent to BabbleLabs servers or stored by our algorithms. Clear Edge processes all the data in memory. Clear Edge never sends audio data off your device.

Does Clear Edge for Client software connect to the cloud?

Clear Edge for Client application does connect with the BabbleLabs server for authentication and maintenance support. No audio, financial or other personal information is sent to our server.

Setup and Use

I installed Clear Edge for Client software. Why don't I hear noise being removed?

Please review our setup guide. .

For the specific communication or conferencing application you are using, select Clear Edge Microphone and speaker from the audio settings. In the Clear Edge app interface, select the physical device - built-in microphone or external headset. If you still are experiencing issues, please contact us through support or via email to

Can I set Clear Edge Speaker as the “default” speaker or microphone?

Yes, You can choose Clear Edge Speaker as the “default” speaker device. We recommend that you do not make Clear Edge as the “default” speaker or microphone. Always, choose Clear Edge Microphone and Speaker from the conferencing or communication applications audio settings. However we do not prevent you from selecting Clear Edge as “default” speaker and microphone.

If you do choose as “default, then you may lose sound effects or music when playing music or video through other applications such as movie players, affecting the quality of your media experience.

Also, at installation the Clear Edge for Client application uses the system default speaker and microphone as the physical input and output device. Even when you plug in headsets, the application automatically chooses the physical device. If you make ClearEdge Speaker as “default device”, the application chooses a random physical device. You then need to manually change the physical device each time you plug in or remove external headsets.

Do I need to set Clear Edge each time I open a communication application ?

No, once you select Clear Edge microphone and speaker in any communication or conferencing application, when you restart the application, most applications will remember the settings for next use. Only if a specific application does not remember settings, you will have to re-select Clear Edge for your microphone and speaker.

Will Clear Edge affect the audio or video I share during a conference call ?

Yes, if you are listening to non-speech video or audio from within a video conferencing or communication application that uses Clear Edge as a speaker, please toggle off speech enhancement for the speaker from the Clear Edge application user interface to avoid unintended noise removal from the video.

Why does the Clear Edge Client application show only the Speaker status not configured ?

If you have configured any conferencing or communication application to use Clear Edge Speaker and Microphone, then both speaker and microphone will appear configured during use. When these applications are open, but you are not in any active call or meeting, the speaker always disconnects. Depending on whether the application is still listening to the microphone, the Clear Edge Microphone may or may not appear in-use.

The app does not have the option to select Clear Edge Microphone and Speaker. How can I still set Clear edge in audio settings?

We realize that many communication applications, especially browser based may not have the option to change their audio settings. We have provided another way.

  • From the Clear Edge drop down menu, select App device preferences
  • See if your app is listed among the apps. Change default speaker and microphone to Clear Edge Speaker and Clear Edge Microphone

If there are multiple users using the same machine, will each user’s Clear Edge for Client application still run independently?

At this time, we only support single user usage. So if one user is already running Clear Edge for Client application, then another user logging in, cannot install and start to run a new Clear Edge for Client application.