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Clear Edge for Client

Have more professional and productive conversations from anywhere with your laptop or personal computer. Clear Edge for Client enhances speech and removes background noise using advanced deep learning, speech science, and audio processing technology.

Designed specifically for business professionals, sales and marketing leaders, call center professionals, educators, healthcare professionals, consultants, researchers, Clear Edge for Client provides noise-free experience from anywhere with any communication or conferencing application.

Be productive on your calls from anywhere

Clear Edge for Client assists communication mobility and improves productivity for business users. The software creates a virtual interface to the built-in or attached speakers and microphones and removes background noise from speech. Download the software on your existing laptop and set yourself up for a noise-free conference call.

Remove noise from any language

Our advanced deep learning algorithms trained on 1000s hours data sets precisely separate noise from human speech. Use Clear Edge for Client to communicate with colleagues, customers, and partners globally in any language.

Communicate better with best-in-class speech enhancement

Clear Edge for Client uses a low latency, and low compute implementation with an intuitive user interface to remove noise. Improve your collaboration experience by integrating with any communication or conferencing application.

Works with all major communications and collaboration applications like Cisco Webex, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom, and Discord.