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Set Up Guide for Clear Edge™ for Client

Windows 10, Release 1.0

BabbleLabs is now a part of Cisco; our technology is now natively integrated into Webex. See how this will make the Webex meeting experience 10X better:

Clear Edge for Client enhances speech quality for any communications and collaboration applications such as Microsoft Teams, or Zoom initiated from a laptop or desktop. The software creates a virtual speaker and microphone interface to the built-in and external audio devices.

Step 1. Installing Clear Edge for Client software

If this is the first time you are installing Clear Edge, then once installation is complete, go to Step 2.

If you have a prior version of Clear Edge, please quit the application. The installer will uninstall the prior version, and suggest a “Reboot”. New installation will continue after reboot.

On completion, a Clear Edge icon will be visible on your desktop, and in the system tray.

Step 2. Activating Clear Edge for Client software

A window will pop-up to enter the license key. This is the license "Key" you would have received in your email.

If you did not save the key, click on the license key link in your email to retrieve it again. If you did not register previously, continue with New User Registration in the Intel program portal to retrieve your free license key. Once you enter the key, the application is ready for use.

Step 3. Setup Communication or Conferencing App to use Clear Edge

At install, the Microphone and Speaker in your Clear Edge application is not configured. You need one extra step to direct the communications or conferencing applications to use Clear Edge. Once you select Clear Edge microphone and speaker in the applications of your choice, the settings will be saved.


  1. Please select both Clear Edge Speaker and Microphone in each application, to prevent echo during calls..
  2. You can also click on “Getting Started” at any time to learn how to do the set up.
  3. Once an application has selected Clear Edge Speaker and Clear Edge Microphone, the microphone and speaker status will be cleared.
  4. At install, Clear Edge application selects “default device” for the physical speaker and microphone. To use a different device such as an external headset microphone, select it from the drop menu at any time.



  • In the zoom meeting user interface, click on “^” next to the microphone at the bottom of your screen, a pop-up menu opens to select speaker and microphone devices.
  • Select “Microphone (Clear Edge)” for microphone list and “Speaker (Clear Edge)” from speakers list.

Microsoft Teams

  • Open the settings menu dialog box by clicking on “...”
  • Select “Show device settings”, this opens audio and video settings options
  • In Audio devices, select “Speakers (Clear Edge)” and “Microphone (Clear Edge)”.

Cisco Webex Browser Application

  • If using WebEx browser application, click on the “^” next to Mute, which opens up options.
  • Select “Speakers (Clear Edge)” and “Microphone (Clear Edge)” and click “Apply”.

Google Hangout

  • In google hangout window, click on settings icon from the bottom of the video call.
  • Under “GENERAL”, select “Microphone (Clear Edge) and “Speakers (Clear Edge)”, Click “DONE”

Google Meet

  • In google meet, go to settings from bottom right of video screen.
  • Continue to select “Audio and Video Devices”.
  • In the Audio window, select “Microphone (Clear Edge)” and “Speakers (Clear Edge)”.


  • In the slack call, click on the settings icon. In Audio settings, select “Communications - Microphone (Clear Edge)” and “Speakers (Clear Edge)”.


  • In the skype window, click on “...” to open the drop down options and select settings
  • Select “Audio & Video”.
  • In “Audio & Video” settings window, select “Clear Edge Microphone” and “Clear Edge Speaker”
  • In the “Audio & Video” settings window, select “Clear Edge Microphone” and “Clear Edge Speaker”. Also, set Ring on an additional device “on” and set it to your physical speaker device. This will enable you to hear any meeting / call rings.





  • In discord App settings, select “Voice & Video”.
  • At the top, Voice Settings show. Select Microphone (Clear Edge) for INPUT DEVICE and Speakers (Clear Edge) for OUTPUT DEVICE.

Step 4. Turning ON and OFF Speech Enhancement in Clear Edge
  • In a noisy background, to remove background noise, go to the Microphone option, toggle “Enhance Speech” to ON.


  • To remove noise coming in from remote participants during a call, go to the Speaker option in the user interface, toggle “Enhance Speech” toggle ON.