BabbleLabs is now part of Cisco

Thank you for choosing to use our Clear Edge product. We hope you are appreciating the experience. As of Oct 1, 2020, BabbleLabs is now part of Cisco. We are discontinuing our Clear Edge Client product and as such downloads are no longer available. If you have recently downloaded the app and received an activation code, you can continue to use the app for the remaining free trial period.


Superior Speech Quality.

Connect Clear Edge for Client with any communication or collaboration app from your laptop to remove background noise. Your audio data is secure as speech is processed locally.

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Be Heard. Hear Better.

BabbleLabs creates technology that removes noise from speech and advances understanding. With our software, people can have conversations from anywhere, on any device. We’re transforming comprehension in human-to-human and human-to-machine communications.

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Step 1. Double click the file ClearEdgeInstall.exe.
Follow Install Guide to complete the installation. If you don't see the file, look for it in the Downloads folder.

Step 2. Double click the ClearEdge icon from the Desktop.
The Activation Code is sent to your email. Check your spam or junk folders if it is not in your Inbox.

Follow the User Guide:
Choose microphone and speaker from ClearEdge App UI.
Setup Communication or conference App to use Clear Edge.