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Clear Command

Clear Command™ — Powerful voice control and command recognition transforms human-machine interaction
The ability to talk to machines reliably is increasingly critical — and we have to make it possible in real-world situations. Smart command sets are the key to seamless interactions between people and machines. Deep learning enables us to build and customize these vocabularies. Key targeted features:

Accurate and robust in high noise environments

  • 3-5x lower error rate than solutions used today
  • Targeting 90% or higher accuracy in zero-decibel (0dB) conditions

Powerful but lightweight

  • Compute — Local commands processed on DSPs or microcontrollers like the ARM Cortex series
  • Memory — Typically in the low hundreds of kilobytes
  • Power — Targeting 1 mW of power consumption

Custom command sets at your service

  • Provide the set of commands you want, typically 20-100 phrases
  • Custom delivered software library for the commands, languages and device platform that you request


Clear Command exceeds industry standards for false accept and false reject rates by 3-5x and is a perfect complement for a complete embedded voice control solution in IoT products. Hear it run on the Cadence Tensilica HiFi 4 at Embedded World 2020

With a commanding edge over existing solutions, this customized approach can generate enormous innovation potential for human-machine interactions. Applications include voice control for everything from smart home appliances to entertainment and gaming to manufacturing systems.

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