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Clear Cloud Web enables automatic, high quality speech enhancement and best-in-class general noise reduction for use in audio/video production, speech-driven projects, and voice-sensitive applications.

The web interface to Clear Cloud is an excellent choice for professionals and amateurs who want to enhance speech in their audio and video production and post-production projects. Clean up audio files recorded in corporate and community settings — interviews, live events, webinars, and presentations — for sharing or including in edited and mixed master recordings. Clear Cloud produces audio and video files that are easier to understand and more comfortable to listen to so your audience can focus on your content instead of interpreting speech garbled by distracting sounds.

Clear Cloud Web enhances speech and reduces background noises, including: traffic, sirens, wind, music, equipment, machinery, audiences and digital artifacts from analog audio.

Clear Cloud accepts all popular formats including: .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .aiff, .mp4 and .mov

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Hear the Clear Cloud difference.

BabbleLabs fan and ocean adventurer Randall is on an epic sailboat trip — making a figure 8 around the Americas and Antarctica. Listen to see what Clear Cloud does with all that wind and water noise. For more examples, check out Gabby’s Lab to see how users around the world are conquering unwanted noise.

Remove unwanted noise and enhance speech instantly

We designed the BabbleLabs Clear Cloud Web Interface with AV professionals, journalists, and podcasters in mind. It’s an excellent choice if you strive for professional sound quality and clarity for your digital audio and video projects. Simply register an account, upload your stream, and prepare to be impressed — and to impress!

BabbleLabs Clear Cloud Pricing

Clear Cloud democratizes speech enhancement technology for everyday uses as well as breakthrough speech-driven applications. So we made sure that our introductory pricing makes Clear Cloud accessible for everyone — with easy-entry, easy-to-understand options to get you going!

We’re so confident you’ll love the ease and effectiveness of Clear Cloud, we’re giving new users up to 250 minutes of audio processing (or 125 minutes of video) for free.

Clear Cloud Web

Use the Clear Cloud Web interface today and start using automated, single line speech enhancement to take your production and development projects to new levels of clarity, accuracy, and quality.

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Do you have questions? We have answers.

Which sample rates do you support?
Our algorithms work natively on 16,000 Hz. Other sample rates will be down- or up- sampled to 16,000 Hz.

How can I be sure that you are protecting my privacy?
All data is transmitted to and from our servers encrypted using https. We do not store your audio/video material.

What is the typical length of audio or video file that I can process?
We should be able to handle any size file, but we are expecting users to upload movie-length or less (i.e., under 2 hours). Typical uses include 30-60 minute interviews or presentations, short documentaries, and clips designed for social media sharing or YouTube.