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The Clear Cloud App offers breakthrough speech enhancement and noise reduction technology through a handy interface — available for casual, school or business video/audio use. The app enhances the clarity and comprehensibility of speech — anytime, anywhere.

This app is for anyone who wants better quality audio. Vloggers, YouTubers, podcasters, journalists, students, and more. From the studio to the street, we can help you Speak Your Mind.

The Clear Cloud App enhances speech and reduces background noises in smartphone or tablet recordings, including: traffic, sirens, wind, music, equipment, machinery, audiences and more.

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BabbleLabs user Ruth is on the street in New York City! Listen to see what Clear Cloud does with all that Columbus Circle fountain and traffic noise. This video is in Mandarin, in case you were wondering if Clear Cloud enhances speech that isn’t in English. For more examples, check out Gabby’s Lab to see how users around the world are conquering unwanted noise.

Enhance recorded speech with ease

The BabbleLabs Clear Cloud App quickly and easily allows vloggers, journalists and social media influencers to enhance speech and reduce background noise on the fly, with incredible results. Simply download the app from either Google Play Store or the Apple App Store, register your account, and you're ready to make digital magic.

BabbleLabs Clear Cloud Pricing

The Clear Cloud App is FREE to download from Google Play or the App Store.

Download the Clear Cloud App for Android or iOS today and start exploring how easy it is to shoot your on-the-street audio and video and immediately enhance it to hear the Clear Cloud difference.

We feel so confident you’ll love the ease and portability, we’re giving new users up to 250 minutes of audio processing (or 125 minutes of video) for free.


Once you’ve used up those minutes on the app, you can register on this site to pay for further minutes.

Clear Cloud APP

Download the Clear Cloud App for Android or iOS today and start exploring how easy it is to capture your on-the-street audio and video and immediately enhance it to hear the Clear Cloud difference. Focus your audience on your content instead of garbled speech and distracting sounds.

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Got an app question? There’s an app answer for that.

Do you support Android or iOS?
Both! Details on fully supported device models and operating systems coming soon. We welcome your feedback; please contact us.

Do I need to register to use the app?
You don’t have to register to get started — you can use up to $5 worth of processing time (250 audio, 125 video minutes equivalent) before we will require you to register.

Can I use the app with existing video?
You can shoot audio/video and enhance it immediately through the app. You can also enhance existing files stored on your phone. On an iPhone, you can enhance any video stored in your Photos app. On Android, you can enhance video files stored in various places on your phone, including Camera, Google Gallery, and Instagram; the enhanced files will be stored in the app and album you uploaded from. For both iOS and Android, you will find enhanced files in the Clear Cloud folder. On iPhones, this folder lives in the Photos app. On Android phones, it lives in the Gallery app.

Can I pay for processing time via the ClearCloud App?
For the iPhone app, once you have used up the free processing minutes provided (250 minutes of audio or 125 minutes of video), you can add $4.99 to your app account to continue enhancing your audio and video files. You can also register on our site to be directly billed by BabbleLabs for processing time. For Android users, once you add your billing information on our web site, there is no need to do anything else. After you have signed in to our site, you can find the billing page in the menu under your user name.

How do I upload audio-only files from my phone?
For iPhone users, you can export audio from other apps into Clear Cloud. Enhanced audio files are stored in an audio album managed by the Clear Cloud App.
For Android users, you can only create and enhance audio-only files within the Clear Cloud App. The enhanced audio files are accessible in the Audio portion of the Clear Cloud App, where they can be easily located, named and managed.

How do I get help with the Clear Cloud App?
In the app, tap the “hamburger menu” and select Support. Enter your question. We’ll respond to you via the email address you provide. You can also check out the Support page on our web site.

How can I be sure that you are protecting my privacy?
All data is transmitted to and from our servers is encrypted using https. We do not store your audio or video material. We are not listening to or leveraging your audio or video material for advertising or marketing purposes.

Why can’t I hear any sound with my video in the Clear Cloud App for iPhone?
On your iPhone, make sure that the Ring/Silent switch is in the “on” position and the volume is turned up. Check to see if anything is covering the microphone/speaker area on the bottom of the iPhone.

What if I have privacy concerns about allowing the app to access my video and audio files?
Both versions of the app (iOS and Android) keep your audio and video files completely private. Even though the app itself gets access to your existing audio and video clips, it never stores anything in the cloud or shares anything with BabbleLabs.