BabbleLabs Clear Cloud API

Clear Cloud API — Low latency, single line integration.
The Clear Cloud API allows developers to utilize best in class speech enhancement for common format video and audio. The easy to integrate API targets a wide range of application development like automatic speech recognizers, broadcasting and live streaming, interactive voice recording (IVR), digital voicemail, games, and entertainment.

Enhances speech and reduces background noises, including: traffic, sirens, wind, music, equipment, machinery, audiences and digital artifacts from analog audio.

Clear Cloud accepts all popular formats including: .wav, .mp3, .m4a, .aac, .ogg, .aiff, .mp4 and .mov

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BabbleLabs cofounder Chris Rowen is at the construction site that used to be his backyard, and he can barely hear himself talk! Watch both versions of the video to hear how Clear Cloud makes light work of that heavy equipment noise. For more examples, visit Gabby’s Lab and see how users around the world are conquering unwanted noise.

Build world-class speech enhancement into your world-class product

The BabbleLabs Clear Cloud API will take your digital audio and video projects to the next level. Integrate our simple API to remove background noise and enhance speech in audio and video streams. Follow our easy account registration process, call the API, and get ready to produce audio excellence in every project, every time.

BabbleLabs Clear Cloud Pricing

Clear Cloud democratizes speech enhancement technology for everyday uses as well as breakthrough speech-driven applications. So we made sure that our introductory pricing makes Clear Cloud accessible for everyone — with easy-entry, easy-to-understand options to get you going!

We’re so confident you’ll love the ease and effectiveness of Clear Cloud, we're giving new users up to 250 minutes of audio processing (or 125 minutes of video) for free.

Clear Cloud API

Use the Clear Cloud API today and start using automated, single line speech enhancement to take your production and development projects to new levels of clarity, accuracy, and quality. Focus your audience on your content instead of garbled speech and distracting sounds.

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Where can I learn more about the API?
Right here! Please let us know if you still have questions after reading the API datasheet. You can submit your question by filling out the support form.

How many calls does the API require?
One call is required to get an authentication token, which is valid for a time interval. After obtaining the authentication token, only one call is required to enhance audio

Do you have a specification sheet?
Yes! Please contact us.

Who do I contact for embedded applications?
We know a lot about embedding Clear Cloud to give your device a differentiated video or audio result! We’d love to hear about your project — please contact us