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BabbleLabs Cloud API Speech Enhancement Technology
Our low latency, one line integration cloud API allows developers to utilize best in class speech enhancement for common format video and audio. The wide range of applications includes professional and amateur video/ audio production, interactive voice recording (IVR), digital voicemail, games and entertainment, and audio archiving for compliance and discovery.

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At BabbleLabs, we democratize and deliver audio technologies that have been the stuff of spy thrillers. BabbleLabs Clear Cloud™ (patent pending) leverages BabbleLabs’ new, industry-leading techniques in combination with specialized traditional methods to deliver automated, zero-click speech enhancement processing. Your ideas plus our technology will power the development of pioneering innovations for speech-driven and voice-sensitive environments.

Your innovations demand more. Clear Cloud delivers more.

  • Improved intelligibility — accuracy and nuance
  • Listening comfort
  • Noise reduction in real-world sound environments
  • Personalized
  • Automatic, high quality speech enhancement
  • Best in class general noise reduction. Handles noises such as crowds, wind, traffic, machines, and more
  • Processes audio/video streams of .wav, .mp3, .aac, .ogg, .aiff, .mp4, .mov
  • Multi-language support

Attention embedded software developers!

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Our users have been busy conquering unwanted noise. Check out Gabby's Lab to see what BabbleLabs Clear Cloud can do for you in real-world environments and use cases.