Clear Analytics

Clear Analytics™ — Extracting insights and actionable intelligence from speech streams
Speech streams are a rich vein of information about human communications and intents. Humans have evolved the ability to capture not just words, but also non-verbal expressions, intonation, emotion, speaker identity, background environment, demographics and accent. Noise, however, causes us to lose much of this information, reducing comprehension and increasing the effort required to fully grasp the conversation.

The big data of speech science
BabbleLabs has built breakthrough deep learning technology to reduce the noise and make speech significantly more comprehensible for humans and machines. We are now applying similar deep learning methods to extract more of the latent information in order to identify speakers, separate their overlapping speech streams, assess background environments, and classify accents and vocal range.

Taken together, the words and latent information are a treasure trove, especially for organizations where speech communications are central to operations. It is becoming possible to both assess and clarify individual conversations, as well as to identify patterns across sets of interactions among people and between people and machine interfaces. We’re developing Clear Analytics to capture transcription, speaker identification, speaker content analysis and linking, geo-locations, emotion, key phrase extraction and analysis — so you can transform communications into actionable intelligence.

Capture actionable intelligence from:

  • Transcriptions
  • Speaker identification
  • Speaker content analysis and linking
  • Geo-location
  • Emotion
  • Key phrase extraction and analysis

Clarify and capture, from edge to cloud
BabbleLabs is developing a new suite of analytical tools for speech, cutting through the noise of real-world speaking environments to extract actionable insights. Clear Analytics can be leveraged to improve operations efficiency, upgrade personnel training, satisfy more customers, and make the workplace safer.

These tools run on existing edge devices (phones, PCs and other voice-centric equipment), and are comprised of speech processing applications that will both improve the immediate speech experience and securely capture the other essential information, for one-way, two-way and many-party conversations. This data can be archived, assessed, searched, and aggregated in the cloud, thereby providing a SaaS toolkit for integration of speech insights with other operational data streams.

Transformative potential —discover untapped value with speech analytics We’ve already begun working with partners to conceive of speech analytics solutions suited for specific types of organizations — in public safety, transportation, construction, health care, customer support and enterprise communications.

Clear Analytics is still in the lab — we invite you to help us shape the future of voice analytics and conversational AI. What would you do with the intelligent capabilities of Clear Analytics? How would speech insights transform your operations and business critical communications?

Let’s cut through the noise and have a chat about it.

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