Our Products

The future of speech technology is wide open to unprecedented innovation and opportunity. Together, we’re building the next generation of voice-driven applications, devices, and systems.

Clear Cloud™

Automatic, high quality speech enhancement. Choose from API, Web, and App interfaces to eliminate unwanted noise from your voice-sensitive projects. Bring clarity to your projects — from social media content to application development.

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Clear Edge™

Design your products for a voice-centric future. We enable expert integration for clear communications interfaces. Talk to us about embedding speech enhancement into your smart device to drive innovation and differentiation.

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Clear Command™

The idea of custom command libraries generates a new realm of possibilities in human-machine interaction. Rapidly commands for your smart home, entertainment, and augmented reality systems — all on a tiny footprint.

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Clear Analytics™

Capture the multidimensional data behind voice interactions to turn communications into actionable intelligence. Transcription, speaker identification, content analysis and linking, geo-locations, emotion, key phrase extraction and analysis.

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