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The Case for No-Touch Huddle Rooms

Enterprises designed and built an estimated 32.4 million huddle rooms worldwide that host audio, video and display system technologies to foster collaboration. While we can presume that most of these rooms have been sitting empty during the pandemic, you can bet they will become some of the most important places in any office when employees return to work.

In an effort to decrease the risk of spreading COVID-19, remote communications will continue to be a critical part of business. Limitations on how many people can be in an office will require employees to continue collaborating with each other from multiple locations – some working from the office and some working from home. And restrictions on non-essential travel and personal preferences will dramatically decrease the number of face-to-face meetings with partners, prospects and customers. There will be a far greater number of virtual meetings and a bigger reliance on unified communications (UC) technologies.

But with warnings about the possible risk of contracting coronavirus from affected surfaces , many employees will be uncomfortable sharing rooms, tools and equipment. To address some concerns, experts recommend organizations expand or move huddle rooms to larger meeting spaces to meet social distancing standards and reduce touch points. In fact, it’s entirely possible and quite simple to remove all touch points. Installing AI-based speech recognition software like BabbleLabs Clear Command can reduce the risk of spreading disease while providing additional benefits such as eliminating the need for UC-related IT support and providing users with more ease and efficiency.

Clear command is customized speech recognition software that runs on-device and allows participants to access what they need through simple voice commands. It allows participants to control all aspects of the communications and collaboration experience while consuming little power, memory and compute. As a deep-learning-based speech recognition solution that is optimized for noise, the technology can be deployed in loud environments with high accuracy. Participants can avoid shouting and instead use low volume commands for a more natural meeting experience that can’t be achieved with typical cloud-based speech recognition software.

Speech Recognition in Huddle Rooms: Practical Uses
Here are just a few ways Clear Command speech recognition can be implemented in huddle rooms to provide a more hands-free, user-friendly experience:

  • Voice controls driving conference rooms: When we think about how many surfaces we touch when we enter a huddle room, we think about light switches, power and screens. Every aspect of the meeting room itself can be voice-activated using commands like “dim the lights,” “open the shades,” “launch PowerPoint” and “activate speaker phone.”

  • Voice controls driving conference sessions: Whether a participant is running a large conference call with many attendees or having a one-to-one call, adding speech recognition to conferencing software can allow participants to easily control the experience with commands such as “start meeting,” “mute all,” “record meeting,” and “hang-up.”

  • Voice assisted whiteboard sessions: Adding voice commands to whiteboards provides a seamless way to run workshopping sessions. Commands such as “activate pen,” “highlight,” “erase,” “draw circle,” and “open a new whiteboard page,” can be programmed, as well as completion commands such as “print screen” and “close page.”

  • Voice recognition assisting outcomes: Using the same type of natural language processing technology found in mobile and laptop assistants, conference room voice assistants can take care of critical tasks such as “take notes,” “set reminders,” and “schedule the next meeting,” as well as interject with more sophisticated support when trigger commands are recognized. For example, “I detect intermittent audio lapses in your connection. Would you like me to notify your system administrator?”

Peace of Mind and More: The Benefits of Embracing Speech Recognition Now
COVID-19 has increased our dependence on remote communications and collaboration. As workers transition back to the office, BabbleLabs Clear Command speech recognition software offers an opportunity to provide greater peace-of-mind while giving participants faster, easier and more convenient ways to interact with huddle room equipment and software while decreasing the risk of virus exposure.

With so many benefits at such a critical time, why wouldn’t organizations embrace speech recognition in huddle rooms now? If your organization is ready to provide the best no-touch unified communications experience available, call your communications vendor and ask them to provide BabbleLabs Clear Command.

Last Updated: July 18, 2020 5:48am

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