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Creating the Connection and Regaining Productivity in a Virtual Work World

If you’re a business professional, you’ve spent the last few months working from home due to shelter-in-place orders. Distributed workforce models aren’t new, but measures implemented during the pandemic have shown organizations that they can succeed, at-scale, swiftly. Many will make a permanent shift that will allow employees to work from home a lot more often, if not exclusively. You, personally, may have managed OK through a temporary period, but what does life look like when your company transitions to a new model and the majority of your communications are through a computer or mobile device?

Well before COVID-19, I managed dispersed teams – first, while working from home with a field sales team during a 12-month period while we looked for new office space and another time during a long tenure with a Fortune 1000 corporation that moved through various degrees of remote work. In these roles I managed home-based local talent, national teams and international teams who worked remotely and in corporate offices. Here are a few things I learned that allowed us to have more meaningful and effective remote communications and maximize productivity.

Create the Connection

Even with the right collaboration tools, choosing which to use can make or break your effectiveness, and sometimes sanity. With the availability of high-quality, easy-to-use video conferencing software, most teams today default to video as their primary collaboration tool for live conversations. The belief is that you can interpret and show emotions and understanding through body ...

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Clear Edge Creates a New Era of Understanding in Remote Communication & Collaboration

Face–to–face communication is hard enough, but when communicating remotely, the problems multiply. Are you getting your words across? How are others reacting? What are they saying, thinking? Am I understanding others and being understood?

Cloud–based video collaboration has expanded accessibility, offering chat, 1:1 calling, document sharing, and multi–person video conferencing. But real connection is tough and getting tougher, especially when working from home where distractions abound – the kids, the pets, the vacuum cleaner, the sirens outside. Audio disruptions are stressful and can lead to what psychologists call cognitive overload. Working in a noisy environment is exhausting!

When so many people need help to cope and make conferencing easier and more productive, BabbleLabs introduces Clear Edge for Client – our best–in–class, AI–based software application that eliminates background noise and enhances speech, so people can hear and understand better on any call from any communication app. Whether a business professional uses Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Cisco WebEx, Skype, Google Meet, or another collaboration service, Clear Edge for Client creates clearer communications from laptops and desktops. It’s a simple–to–use application backed by sophisticated technology that preserves a user’s privacy, security, and desktop and laptop memory.

The launch of Clear Edge marks a big milestone for BabbleLabs at a unique time in history. Since our inception, we have been motivated to fulfill the need for effective technology that solves the noisy speech problem. Now, in a time of social separation when we need connection more than ever, we believe better speech ...

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An Update during Unprecedented Times


With such rapid change and serious global health challenges, some of you have asked, “What’s up with BabbleLabs?” This is a note to give an update and share some thoughts on how the world is changing.

First of all, everyone at BabbleLabs is doing well and working hard on developing and delivering remarkable speech software. All our teams, with groups in Silicon Valley, Warsaw, Gdansk and Edinburgh, have gone virtual, joining the handful of “Babblians" who normally work from home offices. Our inherently distributed team already has plenty of experience in working through video conference, calls, chat and email, so it doesn’t change our interactions very much – in fact, we probably do more small-talk and joking around than ever to lighten the mood. In addition, our speech enhancement products – especially the new Clear Edge product line – is now fully functional and tuned to make the world’s best audio experiences for work-from-home and mobile devices. We have virtually eliminated the sounds from the kitchen, fans, yelling kids, barking dogs and crying babies. We all love our families, but we prefer to keep them out of our business calls :-). This worldwide uptick in demand for work-from-home solutions has created new urgent opportunities for our approach and our software products and has ignited our purpose. We have never felt more driven to enhance understanding.

We have increased our global network of customers and partners, building and optimizing breakthrough speech solutions for enterprise conferencing ...

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