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Clear Speech for Better Meetings

If you are a business professional like me, I bet you spend at least a couple of hours a day or even more in meetings of some sort – with your colleagues, partners or customers. Looking back at my own career, in my 20+ years of working and studies, I’ve probably spent 10+ years just in meetings. What started as in-person meetings, evolved to audio conferencing. In just over a decade, we went from dedicated video conferencing and telepresence rooms, to distributed workforce accustomed to video conference calls from any device, anywhere. That is remarkable progress in technology bolstered by cloud, mobile, advances in audio-video codecs as well as improvements in hardware chipsets and equipment design.

Organizations – small and large enterprises, education and even healthcare institutions – spend millions of dollars on expensive audio-visual equipment and acoustic design of conference rooms to provide the best possible experience to their employees and their customers. Yet the audio quality is often impaired by distracting background noises, for example keyboard typing, HVAC systems, or café noise from remote participants. And when the audio quality is bad, the conference suffers. The whole team’s productivity suffers.

At BabbleLabs, we love speech. We love noise even more. We want to clearly distinguish speech from noise.

Speech tells us important aspects about the conversation – emotions, intent, cultural background and more. With our industry expertise in deep learning, speech science and embedded systems, we trained our novel deep learning neural networks with a massive data corpus of tens of thousands of hours of recorded voice, music, and extraneous noise. Our singular goal is to distinguish between human speech and unwanted noise to provide clear speech to everyone from any device, anywhere. Towards that end, we also focused on improving the latency and compute footprint to bring it to the lowest level, previously thought to be unattainable with AI audio processing. We also made our models support any spoken language to support global deployment.

We are very excited to launch our Clear Edge for Rooms software for organizations of all sizes to enhance speech quality in their meeting spaces and for all conference call participants. Our software exploits advanced artificial intelligence techniques and low-latency performance to enhance speech quality by up to 20db better than the original sample across a broad range of test cases and can produce even more dramatic results in certain test environments. Clear Edge for Rooms is optimized for small compute footprints in meeting spaces and to use minimal levels of power consumption.

We are also excited to offer this software to Intel Unite® solution customers both on-premise and in the cloud. If you are unfamiliar with Intel Unite solution, it is a simple to use, wireless collaboration solution that enables users to start meetings quickly - no need for dongles, adaptors or cables. Content is seamlessly shared to collaboration spaces and remote users and guests can easily connect into those sessions in a more secure way. The Intel Unite solution is built on top of the Intel vPro® platform designed with security features, stability and manageability. With advanced telemetry, IT and facilities management also have access to a broad set of data from meeting room hardware and connectivity to room usage. And with new cloud-based hosting options, businesses of all sizes have flexibility, convenience and choice when deploying the Intel Unite solution.

The Clear Edge for Rooms plugin now integrates with the Intel Unite solution and provides a virtual microphone and speaker interface to the in-room devices and enhances speech quality for all major unified communication solutions like Skype for Business, Cisco WebEx and Zoom that work with Intel Unite solution. The software runs with Windows 10 on Intel® NUC mini PCs and is now available for evaluation. With the integration with Intel Unite solution, organizations both small and large, can deploy Clear Edge for Rooms via the Intel Unite Cloud Service or their own on-premise server.

BabbleLabs Clear Edge for Rooms integration with Intel Unite solution can be viewed this week (Feb 11-14) at the Intel Unite solution booth: 11-A170, at Integrated Systems Europe 2020 (ISE) in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Come, stop by and see how BabbleLabs is transforming the unified communications and collaboration experience for all in this decade. OR if you are not at ISE, please reach out to for a demo.

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