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Speech science innovation.
BabbleLabs is revolutionizing communication among humans and machines by enhancing speech quality, accuracy, and personalization. We combine neural networks, DSP, and speech science to power breakthrough voice applications.

Our extraordinary team of neural network researchers, speech processing architects, signal processing gurus, and audio software experts leverages our world-class R&D capabilities to establish technological foundations and break new entrepreneurial ground. We are pioneers, join us.

Your vision

We made Clear Cloud™ for you.
You have cool projects, we have cool tech. From hobbyists and social media mavens to app developers and audio engineers, we’re here to help you create intelligent clarity in a noisy world.

Speech-driven technology has arrived. Optimize quality, accuracy, and control in your speech-centric products by embedding BabbleLabs speech enhancement technology. We want to hear more about your products and your vision for how human speech will transform our digital lives. We’re all ears.

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Use our powerful speech enhancement and noise reduction tools for your audio and video projects, and experience the BabbleLabs difference for yourself.

Register for an account here or download the App on your smartphone or tablet at the Google Play, or Apple App Store to start using Clear Cloud to perform speech enhancement. Registering helps us track your usage and send you important updates. We’re just getting started with speech enhancement innovations. Register today.


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The Rich Nuance of Speech

BabbleLabs CEO Chris Rowen shares how BabbleLabs allows voice systems to better accommodate the needs, limitations and style of the individual in this month's blog post.

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BabbleLabs and NVIDIA

The BabbleLabs and NVIDIA partnership highlights the incredible capabilities made possible through the NVIDIA Inception Program. BabbleLabs benefits from NVIDIA's next generation GPU computing capabilities and direct support, creating an opportunity for exciting products like our Clear Cloud speech enhancement API to launch faster.

BabbleLabs' partnership with NVIDIA featured in Forbes article: The AI Paradox: How A Deep Learning Startup Is Building Successful AI Solutions

Red Herring Global Winner

Red Herring selected BabbleLabs as a Top 100 Global Winner.